In view of achieving a smooth and well-aligned support system, Albaik Food System Pvt. Ltd. (the franchisor) has devised a systematic assistance program for franchisees in India.

Frequently Asked Questions

AL-Baik provides food home delivery. However, some stores may not provide this service due to staff limitations. Please contact a store near you to find more information.

AL-Baik is a registered trademark (wordmark-AL-Baik and Device mark 'the logo of Happy Chicken') founded by Syed Sahil Ahmad in the year 2013 with vision to reach millions of household with an affordable Chicken delicacy which not only satiates the taste buds but also nourish with the healthy chicken protein.

The company headquarters is located in Lucknow, India, with additional regional and country offices Worldwide, its franchisees provide good employment in the communities where they are located.

Our goal is to be ranked the number one Quick Service Restaurant in worldwide while maintaining the great deliciousness & quality in our food that is our trademark.

AL-Baik chicken nuggets are prepared from the boneless chest pieces of healthy chicken.

Off course yes, we never pass any doubtful chicken to our kitchens.

We only use high quality refined oils. We filter it every day and change it before it changes the odor, color, or taste of the fried chicken. However, the change is quite frequent and mostly depends on the per day sale of an outlet

Ranking at the top of the favorites list of India's best-broasted chicken & variety of sauces serving brands include burgers, pizzas, chicken Lollipop, shrimp, & much more and our special chicken biryani bucket & boneless strips check out our full menu on our website. Our variety of chickens are so popular, the AL-Baik brand serves nearly 100 pizzas & chicken meals every hour! In fact, all of the recipes on AL-Baik kitchen made by specialist chefs & wrap are placed end to end with a safe delivery option.

All AL-Baik restaurants follow our “Hygiene Standard” policies regarding the quality of food and preparation of food & produce manufacturing, taste quality, and inspection specifically in all the kitchen areas. All franchisees maintain proper food handling procedures. AL-Baik Kitchen Food is prepared totally fresh daily and the temperature is monitored regularly with all the food safety guidelines. Gloves & masks are required to be making the food & during all food handling procedures in the kitchen to serve you on the table.

The AL-Baik brand maintains the mostly same menu in every location, but menus can be changed in order to serve the different needs of consumers and adapt where appropriate. Because every hunger needs variety that's why we continuously try to make different food dishes that are fresh and made to give you a relishing taste, customers can customize their order based on their own dietary needs.

Yes, the prices may vary at some stores depending on the location. Rest assure, you will get the same best quality food at all AL-Baik restaurants.

Mr. Syed Sahil Ahmad, Founder, AL-Baik ... AL-Baik (Headquarters in Lucknow).

AL-Baik story was started in 2009 when I opened the first restaurant in Lucknow by - Mr. Syed Sahil Ahmad, Founder, AL-Baik

Yes, we’d love to have you join the AL-Baik team. Currently, there are more than 75+ franchises in India. An AL-Baik franchise gives entrepreneurs an opportunity to provide a well-known product from a popular brand with a proven track record to provide the best quality services in various locations. The Own a Franchise section has all the detailed information on how to open your own AL-Baik store.